Carnival 2023 - photos (including some of the Wesel Fire cadets here at the same time)

(photos - Richard Holland)

carnival prinz

carnival ludger becker

Fire fighters

Fire cadets

Carnival 2022 photos

Wesel Carnival Prinz Andre and Prinzessin Susanne  in Felixstowe's parade  

Photograph - Tim Garrett - Moore            


Carnival - a short history of the Felixstowe and Wesel Carnival connection

Starting in 1970 well before the official 1974 twinning ceremonies between Felixstowe and Wesel, carnivalists from both towns had made links with Cllr Mike Yetton Ward Chairman of F.U.D.C. and also Carnival Director going to Germany and Dieter Birkenstock and Karl Letzner coming to England.  In 1974 Felixstowe's Carnival Director Barry Mortimer,  the Carnival Queen and a group of people took part in Wesel's carnival, starting a tradition that grew and grew.  For many years Carnival "royalty", officials and supporters from both towns attended each others carnivals, sometimes accompanied by the Mayor.

The records show that it was not uncommon to see between 25 and 50 carnivalist each year taking part in the February Wesel events and the August Felixstowe Carnival making Carnival one of the most successful twinning connections.

By the 1990's the numbers of Felixstowe visitors going to Wesel had gradually gone down in part because the novelty of overseas travel declined, the age and mobility of some of the original participants, the contrast between the ages of the Felixstowe and Wesel Carnival "royalty", and the end of the Felixstowe - Zeebrugge ferry service.  Never-the-less although the numbers from Felixstowe to Wesel have reduced, there have been very few years when Felixstowe did not welcome Carnivalists from Wesel.

Photo Ludger Becker 


Letter from Ludger Becker CAW President, Wesel, can be downloaded

In their spectacular costumes, Wesel Carnivalists are well known and looked out for participants in Felixstowe's Carnival with the traditional cry "Wesel - Ho!"


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